Chameral Village

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Seven Coloured Earth – Chameral Village


One of the most interesting and beautiful places in Mauritius is Chameral. This little village near Ayati Hotels in south Mauritius is primarily known for its scenic locations and natural attraction in its neighbourhood. Among these, the SEVEN COLORED EARTH, THE CHAMERAL FALLS and BLACK RIVER GORGES NATIONAL PARK are very famous. The area is surrounded by the locally grown coffee and Rum distillery. Beautiful viewpoints and green hills are everywhere, together and along the seven coloured earth and waterfalls.

Chameral Waterfall is a nature’s beauty. The drop of water is almost 100 meters down. There is a nice viewpoint that can be reached by car, is a must see location in Mauritius.

Seven Coloured earth is another nature’s beauty which is a result from the cooling of molten rocks. The ground is something you have never seen before. A close view is better than the views from the timber platform and walkways erected there.

You can even encounter the popular adventurous sports in the village like mountain biking and horseback riding. The adventure park in the forest provides activities such as ropeways, zip lines and mini suspension bridges.